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Looking for Penetration Testing (VAPT) services from CloudsTech?

Leverage Office365 for Workstation Backup

Leverage Microsoft Office365 for Workstation Backup thus saving up to 70% on your storage cost to backup desktop/laptop data

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Monitoring from Clouds Dubai
Monitor Remote Employees

Monitoring remote users to prevent employees from wasting time on the Internet and protect from data leakage

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Working Hours Report
RDP Session Recording

Record and Monitor Windows RDP Sessions in a powerful yet cost-effective way from CloudsTech.

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Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Penetration Testing evaluates the ability of the target’s security control in blocking or preventing attacks. VAPT can be done as Black Box, White Box or Grey Box to simulate different attack scenarios. 

Digital Forensics

During the digital forensics assignment, we find the root cause behind security incidents and unusual activity in the client’s network or systems including Servers, workstations & mobile. 

SoC as a Service

SoC as a Service is a Managed Security Services offering with integrated SIEM, Vulnerability Assessment, Managed EDR & Penetration Testing to monitor, identify, report, and remediate security threats.