Prophaze Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Web Application Firewall

Prophaze Web Application Firewall (WAF as s service) is an economical alternative to the high costs of deploying and maintaining WAF on-premise, to reduce the burden from DevOps to monitor endless alerts and manual tuning.

Prophaze WAF is Kubernetes native, securing Kubernetes deployments without the learning curve or complexity, and in zero downtime. Prophaze Web Application Firewall is configured as an ingress controller to secure all traffic from outside the cluster to services within the cluster, on a private cloud, or on-premise.

Simple Configuration:- Most WAFs rely on pre-defined manual configuration and complex rule-setting to mitigate from known threats, but are blind to new and unexpected intruders, exposing companies to vulnerability exploits and causing endless loops of backward-looking rule setting. Prophaze WAF automation eliminates these vulnerabilities with automated security policy and zero-configuration, saving time, and achieving a higher level of security without compromising your cloud assets, breaking traffic, or your budget.

Complete Security:- Prophaze WAF protects your web assets from all cyber threats, bots, attacks, misconfiguration, and patches vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, internal or 3rd party apps, and APIs. Threat updates from thousands of international security researchers are included. Web Application Firewall also alerts your SIEM with identified and blocked threats to improve your total security efficacy.

Web Application Firewall

AI Automation:- Prophaze AI profiles application logic and behavior, payload contents, static attributes of processes, files, and previous threats and automatically generates application-specific security policy: blacklisting, whitelisting, virtual patching, response filtering and blocking.

DevOps are free from the configuration, maintenance, and the daily security workloads, and need only fine-tune the automated security policy for specific user activities with custom rules, updating access control lists, and limiting selected IPs.

Protection From All Threats:- Cybercriminals are raising the ante with AI tools, creating an onslaught of unexpected AI-based attacks and malicious payloads that defeat defenses and are stealthy. Prophaze AI firewall blocks malicious requests, execution of fileless attacks, new malware variants, and zero-day attacks targeting your web APIs undetected by conventional enterprise security technology stack and passes only legitimate requests to the host server. The result is holistic protection from both known and unknown threats, attack vectors, and application vulnerabilities – all in an easy to deploy low-cost web application firewall solution.

* OWASP Top 10 Threats
* Misconfigured servers
* Zero-day attacks
* DOS bots
* Exploit bots
* Scraping bots
* Brute force bots
* Fileless attacks
* Denial of service bots
* API abuse bots
* MITM attacks
* Malware attacks
* Data leaks
* Response code anomaly
* Bandwidth anomaly
* IP Geo anomaly
* Rate anomaly

Virtual Patching:- Prophaze Web Application Firewall automatically deploys virtual patching to web applications, APIs, and microservices to block malicious traffic from exploiting vulnerabilities, before the application source code can be modified. Considering the many situations when organizations can’t immediately edit the source code, makes the value of virtual patching significant. 

  • Patching is scalable and implemented on all hosts
  • Protects mission-critical systems that cannot be taken offline
  • Reduces risk until a vendor-supplied patch is released and tested
  • Does not conflict with libraries and support code files
  • Eliminates time and money spent on emergency patching
  • Enables agile CI/CD teams to remediate vulnerabilities and release code without stopping production.

AI Firewall Defends From AI Attacks:- WAFs were not designed to combat algorithmic attacks and the most effective way to defend from AI attacks – is with an AI Web Application Firewall. Organizations are migrating to Kubernetes, but also exposing containerized applications to new security blind spots and attack surfaces that may compromise their entire IT systems.

Prophaze levels the playing field for security teams with an AI-powered autonomous firewall. It stops attacks in real-time before reaching any of your web-facing applications, APIs, and Kubernetes containers by firewalling vulnerabilities at runtimes such as privileges, images, inter-container communications, and data in transit across public and private clouds.

Prophaze firewall enables proactive defense, not just detection. It blocks cyberattacks, mitigates vulnerabilities, and shares threat intelligence to close gaps in your enterprise-wide security coverage with existing security products such as endpoint protection, SIEM, and SOAR.

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