Security Awareness

Security Awareness Training

Organizations need to invest in Security Awareness Training as more than 90% of data breaches globally are caused by human errors. Mega breaches make the headlines, but there is a growth in attacks on smaller companies who may find it harder to bounce back afterward. Many of them are open to attacks because of a lack of security awareness among employees. Employees are the weakest link when it comes to information security.

Only a holistic security strategy paired with a deep understanding of the business processes can minimize the security risk of an organization. Technical security measures must always be combined with organizational measures. The successful sensitization of the employee begins with the awakening of interest in the subject. The user then wants to know why different information security measures are introduced and will then gain an understanding of this. Because he now understands and accepts, he will act accordingly.

Creative security awareness training helps employees overcome their IT security weak points while using mobile devices and computers. Security Awareness Training is provided in the form of Presentations, Videos, Games, Animations, Posters, Infographics, Emailers & Flyers.

Why Security Awareness Training?

Training users to understand and avoid common security threats can significantly reduce an organization’s risk. Leveraging interactive training modules, reinforcement assets, and optional phishing simulations, our security awareness training drives the behavioral change needed to shield your sensitive records every day.

Organizations need to be informed and prepared for what they’ll face during a cyber incident. Developing an awareness of cyber risks – what they are, ways to identify them, the type of perpetrators – is one among the preferred approaches to combating the same from cyber threats.

The danger of cybercrime remains a pervasive threat, with the majority of businesses reportedly falling victims for the attack. This is true for security professionals and other employees of organizations.

Cybercriminals target businesses mainly through the end-users. More than 80% of economic crime is committed by cybercriminals from information shared on social networks and other locations online to gain end users access and trust. When end users unknowingly click phishing links, open malware attachments, or give up credentials and other sensitive information online, cybercriminals can bypass existing layers of security to successfully breach organizations’ networks.

Security Awareness Training training topics

Security Awareness training content covers below topics

  • Myths about Information Security
  • Importance of Cyber Security in Business
  • Cyber Security Stats/Trends in Information Technology
  • Password Security & most hacked passwords
  • Essential Cyber Security habits
  • Phishing & Email Security
  • Why Senior Management is the target for hackers?
  • What information can be passed out on the phone?
  • How are visitors directed by your company?
  • What topics should be discussed in public?
  • What to do with attachments and links on emails received?
  • How to use social media sites?
  • How social engineering works?
  • How to handle sensitive data

Organizations can also subscribe to cloud-based Security Awareness Training platform usecure

Benefits of Security Awareness Training Program

Lesser Cybersecurity Incidents:- Security awareness training helps to reduce the likelihood of success of a phishing and other cybercrime attacks by educating staff on current tactics and defense mechanisms.
Reduce Attack Vectors:- With over 90% of successful attacks being attributed to user error, educating users through computer-based training is proven to significantly reduce these odds.
Better Security:-New tactics and techniques are constantly being adopted by cybercriminals. Ongoing user training ensures you are kept up to date on the latest methods of attack, so they stay on track and out of trouble.
Regulatory Compliance:- Security awareness training is not only best practice in many industries, but it’s also a requirement for a number of industry sectors to ensure compliance with regulations.

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