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User-Focused Information Security Awareness Training with usecure

usecure offer a wide variety of services and features that are proven to increase the security awareness of employees and strengthen the protection of sensitive data.

Our unique and market-leading ulearn methodology – in tandem with advanced supplementary tools – teaches users what to do, check and avoid when they’re handling IT system. This could range from a ransomware attack to phishing attempts, and everything in-between: essentially, social engineering designed to compromise your business.

The human element of information security

Both user-targeted attacks and employee negligence remain two of the root causes of many data breaches, with companies of all sizes continuing to incur significant costs and operational damage as a result of sub-par security awareness standards. The traditional once-per-year classroom-based training session is now viewed as an ineffective method of education – with high learning fatigue, low knowledge retention and increasingly sophisticated human focused cyber attacks adding to the ever-growing figures of employee-caused data breaches. As regulations and statutes regarding the use and protection of sensitive data continue to expand, the importance of effective information security awareness among all employees has never been greater.


Stage One: Gain visibility of the current vulnerabilities in your userbase – with your sophisticated employee gap analysis questionnaire and email breach detection service.


Stage Two: Close the knowledge gaps with fully automated and individually-tailored uLearn training courses – delivered in bite-sized modules that address individual weakest areas first.


Stage Three: Test the effectiveness of your automated programme and raise awareness around social engineering – all with your uPhish simulated phishing tool.


Stage Four: Make informed decisions about your security awareness progress with your custom data-driven reports and dashboard – all with one easy-to-use interface.

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