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Employee Monitoring (User Activity Monitoring)

Affordable EMPLOYEE MONITORING SOFTWARE for your Workstations and Servers

Set up non-intrusive monitoring of employee activity on Desktops/Laptops and Servers with enhanced access control to detect fraud, data leaks, productivity, and improper digital assets usage. Ekran System is an advanced software-based solution for corporate security monitoring that allows us to record and analyze every user session on desktops, remote laptops, corporate servers, terminals, and virtual machines, with support for Windows, Mac, Citrix, and Linux platforms.

With Ekran System, nothing can hide: every user screen will be captured together with activity details – keystrokes, names of active applications, titles of active windows, websites (URLs) visited, executed Linux commands, and others. Based on the indexed video record format, Ekran System captures any user action on corporate endpoints, from configuration changes to sensitive data access, giving you all the details necessary to explore and document any incident.

Monitor employee activity with searchable video logs

With Ekran System, you can control the work of your corporate network users, including on-site and remote users. Ekran System creates complete video records of all local, remote, and terminal sessions. It provides both live and recorded sessions so that managers can view the same anytime. It uses a greyscale format for recording so that videos take very little space.

With Ekran System, nothing can hide: every user screen will be captured together with activity details. The product works for any network protocol, application, and architecture.

Analyze monitoring results – discover suspicious user behavior

Ekran employee monitoring software uses a combination of easy-to-analyze video record – even for Linux SSH Telnet sessions – and searchable text metadata representing activity details: application name, active window title, URL address, commands with parameters, and more. Recording and altering can be based on the name of the launched application, the title of the active window, entered URL, or text entered via the user’s keyboard.

Advanced search across all records gives you an effective tool to perform retrospective user action analysis and incident investigation.

Employee internet monitoring

Ekran System provides detailed information about internet usage than simple network activity monitoring software as it gives full insight into how exactly employees are using their network access, including whether the website is actively interacted with or simply opened in the background.

Detailed metadata regarding internet usage can be viewed together with the session recording, allowing for easy searching and investigation of specific incidents, while several reports (including report on most visited website, least visited website, and general URL report) provide a broad overview of the internet usage within the company.

Employee Monitoring from Clouds Dubai

USB Monitoring & Control

An important aspect of user activity monitoring is controlling the use of connected devices. Ekran System employee monitoring software includes powerful USB device monitoring and management functionality for dealing with storage devices as well as any kind of USB equipment, including modems and keyboards.

The user activity monitoring system can track device connections and can be configured to notify your security team about them. Besides monitoring, it can be set up to allow or block devices according to rules, blacklists, and whitelists. To add more flexibility, it allows you to set up manual USB device approval for critical scenarios.

Cost-efficient for any deployment

Ekran comes with a perpetual license(one-time cost) and is licensed by the number of Ekran Clients – end-points to be monitored. This transparent approach makes deployment of any size cost-efficient. The solution supports both commercial and free embedded database.

Installed on a server or a workstation, Ekran Client records video of all logged-in user sessions and accompanying metadata such as application name, URL address, keystrokes, entered Linux commands, and connected USB device details.

Ekran provides full-functional playback for all session records as well as easy search by metadata – all via a Web-based panel. Real-time alerts with direct links to the corresponding video episode and USB blocking make control even more proactive.

Supported Platforms

Ekran System is a platform that allows you to monitor various types of end-points and get access to all those records via a single pane of glass. The product supports the most complete set of platforms:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • UNIX
  • X Window System
  • Citrix
  • VMware.

Ekran employee monitoring System Web Management Console provides an insider security monitoring center with quick access to alerts, monitored and live sessions, and reporting tools.

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