Affordable EKRAN Server Monitoring

Ekran Server Monitoring – Server Monitoring made simple  

Ekran Server Monitoring is a powerful yet cost-effective Server Monitoring tool for user recording and audit. Indexed video recording of each user session allows us to track work with sensitive files and critical applications, plugging-in new devices, configuration changes, creation of new users and updating their profiles, etc.

Ekran Server Monitoring software provides a range of server monitoring solutions to meet monitoring needs of Servers of different types – from infrastructure server audit to recording unlimited number of sessions on a terminal server to recording further remote connections for jump boxes.

It is very important for Windows server monitoring to clearly assign each session to the specific user, not just generic “admin” login. To solve this task, Ekran Server Monitoring provides additional access management layers for shared administrator logins.

Monitor Server activity with searchable video logs

With Ekran Server Monitoring, you can control the work of your corporate network users, including on-site and remote system administrators. Ekran System creates complete video records of all local, remote, and terminal sessions so that you can view the same using live or recorded sessions.

With Ekran System, nothing can hide: every user screen will be captured together with activity details. The product works for any network protocol, application, and architecture.

Record RDP sessions and more with Ekran Server Monitoring

Windows terminal session monitoring includes:

* All RDP sessions recording,
* Other graphical session recording, regardless of the protocol or application: Logmein, radmin, etc.

Besides monitoring RDP sessions, Ekran System Windows session monitoring provides indexed video logs for local sessions on Windows servers. All recorded sessions include searchable meta-information with user activity details as well as all typed keystrokes.

Various configurations covered with Ekran Server Monitoring

Ekran System supports Windows platforms by recording local, console, remote, and terminal sessions with any level of privileges. The solution allows you to monitor user activity in Citrix XenApp published applications and XenDesktop virtual desktops.

Ekran System also covers your Linux servers recording Telnet SSH sessions and providing additional audit and report features to analyze used sudo commands.

Get an efficient and affordable solution

Ekran comes with a perpetual license(one-time cost) and is licensed by the number of Ekran agents – Servers to be monitored. The solution can be easily deployed on Servers. You can configure Ekran System to record all or just a selected list of user names thus focusing on third-party provider monitoring.

The video format is integrated and easy-to-analyze. Real-time alerts and various general user activity reports make IT provider and remote vendor monitoring even more simple and efficient.

Due to the typically escalated privileges of such insiders, any MSP monitoring software or third-party vendor monitoring service must provide a comprehensive set of privileged user activity control features. Ekran System meets this requirement with an out of the box solution:

* User sessions with any level of privileges will be recorded
* Advanced client protection mode will prevent any unauthorized administrative attempts to block monitoring process
* There is a second layer of authentication to deal with shared logins like “admin” or “root” frequently used by remote administrators.

System Requirement

You can download the Ekran System Requirements here

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