How data leakage prevention solutions help companies?

Data Leakage Prevention Solutions

Data Leakage Prevention solutions help organizations to protect sensitive company data from leaving the organization without proper consent. Data Leakage Prevention solutions (known as DLP solutions) protect your confidential data from being compromised by your own employees.

Data Leakage Prevention Solutions

Data loss prevention solutions can detect and stop potential data breaches or data ex-filtration and prevents them from leaving the endpoints. Employees tend to steal company data for various reasons. They do this by sending company data to their own personal email, using file sharing sites, or transferring them to cloud storage like Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. Another common way of data transfer is through portable storage devices like USB, external hard disks, etc. Sending blind carbon copies (bcc) is another smart way of taking data out of companies.

DLP tools can help you with data at rest scans to identify any sensitive documents that are already lying within employees’ computers. Data loss prevention (DLP) solutions can be cloud-based or it can be installed on-premises. DLP can help you track real-time data leakage thru email & web. Data classification helps you to organize data by relevant categories so that it can be used for data protection more efficiently using DLP technology.

DLP Solutions provide data exfiltration intelligence so that organizations know what kind of data is going out of the organization. This can be achieved by enabling effective application control policies thereby reducing the chances of known or unknown applications from sending out data from systems.

Data Leakage Prevention solutions with application control provide early detection of sensitive data movement across the network by applying consolidation measures to decrease impact area in case of an internal attack. It also helps organizations with the detection of Advanced Persistent Threats within the network thereby controlling the data being sent out by them. Application control can stop the usage of tunneling applications like Tor within the company network. Forced encryption of USB devices eradicates the chances of data theft in case of an external USB device getting stolen.

DLP tools are quite effective in monitoring exiting employees who are in the notice period. It can control access to exiting employees thereby mitigating the range of sensitive data that they can send out of the company. It also helps to find out if an existing employee is disgruntled that might lead to organizational damage. DLP solution protects organizational confidentiality by monitoring employees more closely or as a team or as a group when mass layoffs happen. It safeguards organizations against employees who are fired and can do a history check on employee’s activities once an employee resigns to detect signs of a probable breach.

Data Leakage Prevention solutions can be used for the below use-cases.

> Stop intellectual property of organizations from getting stolen
> Protect sensitive information like health records of patients
> Protect personally identifiable information like Emirates ID
> Protect Credit and Debit card information
> Protect data regarding employee information and their remuneration
> Protect strategy and planning data of the company
> Protect information about product launches
> Protect sensitive design schematics
> Protect unreleased and preview prints of upcoming movies
> Protect confidential discounts and coupon codes from being used in an unauthorized manner.

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