Managed EDR

Managed EDR with Ransomware roll-back

Managed EDR provides comprehensive detection and response for your endpoints by security experts with the help of EDR tools using 24X7 monitoring. Our managed detection and response EDR enables you to isolate, investigate, and remediate, including ransomware rollback, in just a few clicks.

In an ever-changing world, organizations need to rely on managed endpoint detection and response (Managed EDR) as a service from a managed security service provider to provide the first line of defense against a cyberattack. But, existing cybersecurity solutions require advanced expertise and time to use it effectively. Managed EDR is built for speed for organizations of all sizes that value simplicity and efficiency. Managed detection and response will provide remote insight and manageability of the endpoints (laptops/desktops & Servers) that are being used by your employees.

Managed EDR is a cost-effective solution that comes with a powerful Endpoint Protection platform. Today, even basic malware campaigns are automated—enabling cybercriminals with few resources to launch sophisticated attacks against organizations of all sizes. To fight back, businesses deploy multi-layered, yet siloed, endpoint security solutions, which threat actors soon defeated by exploiting the gaps in between.

These synergistic trends mean there has never been a greater need for a unified, comprehensive approach for threat detection and response to endpoint protection that’s strong enough to thwart advanced attacks, but agile enough to adapt to the threat landscape. When suspicious activity occurs, security professionals need to actively respond in no time with a detection and response service, immediately stopping potential threats from propagating, while determining if the behavior is indeed malicious.

Endpoint response solutions need to be quick and easy to deploy, rapidly protecting organizational assets and shortening the time to respond. Integrated threat detection allows for progressive enrichment of threat detection insights across an attack chain. And a cloud-based platform manged by a security team that guides administrators through investigation, response, and recovery gives them the tools and intelligence needed to respond.

Managed EDR Features

Deploy Fast. Manage Simply:- This Managed EDR service was built for speed—Organizations with scarce security resources achieve an active response and a strong security posture in minutes against advanced cyber threats.

Global Threat Intelligence:- Threat intelligence from our security operations center provides global insights into behavioral heuristics, IOCs, and attack techniques, allowing for constant adaptation of detection and remediation capabilities to address new threats.

Investigate, Isolate & Recover:- Endpoint Detection and Response gives security professionals the ability to quickly investigate, isolate, thoroughly remediate, and recover from threats in a matter of minutes using our EDR tool.

Management built for endpoints:- Our solution lets you effectively manage security on endpoints (Servers & workstations) at enterprise scale, and with just a few clicks, gain broad visibility from the global dashboard down to individual indicators of compromise (IOCs) discovered on a machine.

Suspicious Activity Monitoring:- This service monitors endpoints in real-time for any suspicious activity with a combination of behavioral analysis and machine learning to identify any Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and advanced threats.
Extend your Threat Protection:- This managed service integrates protection with detection, securing endpoints, and providing full visibility and control across the attack chain.

Guided Investigation:- Our automated threat hunting provides severity- prioritized IOCs, so we can quickly assess the extent and urgency of a threat. Integrated incident response with the EDR solution enables us to isolate the machine if needed.

Ransomware Rollback:- This service stores changes to files on the system in a local cache over a 72-hour period. With one click from our SoC Analysts, you can reverse the damage caused by ransomware and restore the device to a healthy, productive state.

Managed EDR provides peace of mind to customers as all cybersecurity issues related to endpoints are handled by our SoC team.

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