Employee Behavior Monitoring with inDefend

Detect and Control Employee Behavior changes with User Monitoring & Analysis 

inDefend is an integrated solution that helps organizations detect employee behavior changes well before incidents occur, including time spent by end-users in productive and unproductive work, sensitive online searches and chats, and various activities in obscured mode to generate actionable reports.

Cost Effective Solution that is Easy to Deploy and Manage :- inDefend combines Behavior Monitoring, Fraud Analytics, Data Leakage Prevention and forensics with integrated dashboard.  inDefend can be deployed and configured with minimal time and provides the maximum ROI to organizations.

Redefining Your Business Functionalities

inDefend is a unified suite for insider threat management and employee behavior analysis designed to secure enterprise workforce by detecting anomalous employee behavior as opposed to their regular behavioral patterns.

Employee Monitoring & Behavior Analysis: Detailed monitoring and controlling of the employee desktop and laptop activities is being practiced in order to assess the employee behavior.

Productivity Monitoring for Department Heads: inDefend provides relevant information about employees to their respective department heads thereby helping the HR team in identifying and rewarding performing employees. The solution also helps to identify non-productive employees well in advance.

Data Leak Prevention & Analysis: Content-based policies are enforced for detection and prevention of confidential information being transmitted by employees via various channels. Solution provide analytics on Data Leak Prevention, Mobile Device Management, Information Rights Management with Employee Behavior platform.

Employee Forensics: In depth analysis and detection of the employee malicious activities, performed by employees via various channels, with inbuilt tools for performing in-depth monitoring.

Server Activity Monitoring: inDefend performs continuous screen monitoring at high frequency which can be seen as a movie. This will enhance the chances of capturing discrepancies during the connected session with server.

Key Benefits of Employee Behavior Monitoring

  • Detect attitude problems
  • Find out the employees’ most productive period and most unproductive period in a day
  • Understand which employees are overworking and who are underworking
  • Detect false propagandas and weaponized information right from the point of origin
  • Detect cyber bullying
  • Investigate probable reasons for sudden performance drop
  • Have more insights into change in employee behaviours post annual appraisals
  • Gain intelligence into employee integrity by understanding how they treat company confidentiality
  • Detect causes of change in employee performance due to external issues
  • Monitor how your client facing employees actually interact with your priced clients
  • Detect if employees are exposing or forwarding confidential company information to family or near relatives
  • Detect if any employee is indulging in activities pertaining to unionism and internal conglomeration

For Optimum Business Benefits

inDefend addresses various challenges related to Insider Threat with an integrated software with Employee Behavioral and Productivity Monitoring, Application Monitoring, Browser Monitoring, Device Control & Data Leakage Prevention. inDefend provides detailed analysis of network apps, web file uploads, external media devices, email and browsing activity. It monitors emails, application, file uploads, website access, removable media transfers & device control by analyzing chat, search activity, email, file uploads, browsing activity and application activity. inDefend also provides Screenshot Monitoring & Shadow Logging.

Company Size Agnostic :- inDefend helps you monitor every employee of the organization, regardless of the organizational size.

Track Remote Workers :- Worry less about productivity of remote employees, roaming work-force or employees working from home.

Be Compliance Ready :- Gain industry compliance suiting your company needs and protect the company’s data from being compromised.

Safeguard Intellectual Property :- Protect your company’s trade and financial data from falling into wrong hands.

Visibility On Exiting Employees :- Better control over employees on notice period and complete transparency over their activities.

Unified Workflow and Policy :- Manage access permissions for huge groups of scattered employees with a cleverly orchestrated policy through our unique data flow analysis.

Insights With Report :- Generate full fidelity profiles of all the employees and track their productivity and behavior on digital assets.

Initiate Legal Proceedings :- Maintain screenshots of specific employee crimes who are responsible for damaging the company’s reputation.

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