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Active Directory Tools from CionSystems

CionSystems provides an array of turnkey identity, access, and authentication Active Directory tools for the IT environment that supports Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory (AD) and other non-Microsoft LDAP/Directory, OpenLDAP, Linux, Google, Salesforce, IaaS clouds, and SaaS application. CionSystems Active Directory tools deliver easy to use systems management application suite with a focus on automated provisioning and de-provisioning, access control, multifactor authentication for application and server logins, attestation, workflows, delegation, simplified management, disaster recovery, group policy management, web application identity APIs, password management, security, monitoring, reporting, management, analysis, diagnostics, and auditing.

Enterprise Self Service

Active Directory Tools for Password Reset

It is the easiest, most efficient way to manage your organization’s users, computers, resources, and accounts using the Active Directory.

CionSystems Enterprise Self Service – Active Directory Password Reset tool is a state-of-the-art solution for identity administration and access control. The Enterprise Self Service delivers the functionalities of web access policy creation and enforcement, user self-registration, and self-service delegated administration, password management, multi-factor authentication, audit, and reporting. Having 3 access levels provides flexibility and reach necessary in today’s complex business environment.

Enterprise Self Service – Active Directory tools for Password Reset also exposes a web service API for proxy Authentication that can allow you to reuse the existing ID store and also achieve multi-factor authentication. Additionally, you get complete auditing out of the box, no need to write additional code.

This web service API is exposed to external clients to authenticate users with Enterprise Self-service applications. The external client just needs to provide User Name, password as the first factor of Authentication and the Second factor to authenticate will be to validate using Security Question with Answers, OTP over Email  & OTP over Mobile.

It supports Active Directory, OpenLDAP, Other LDAP compliant directories, Azure AD, Office365, Salesforce, Google apps. Control the directory users from the admin portal, set user policies, password dictionary, white list email address, multi-factor authenticator for the device, access management.

Active Directory Tools
Cloud Identity and Minder

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) & OpenLDAP Management

Cloud Identity Minder is a cloud-based identity, authentication, and self-service user life cycle management solution and API. Extends existing enterprise Identity store to cloud and allows SaaS applications to integrate. You can also manage your on-premise Active Directory and OpenLDAP accounts. Cloud Identity and Minder support Microsoft Azure AD and Microsoft Office 365 is a part of CionSystems Active Directory tools.

Cloud Identity Minder is a cloud-based identity, authentication, and self-service user life cycle management solution. Azure Active Directory (Azure ad) & OpenLDAP management tool makes your application work with any Identity store located anywhere with simple and easy integration to your SaaS, web, or traditional application. You no longer need to add special code for each Identity store. The solution provides auditing and workflow as well. Additionally, the application doesn’t need to be aware of the Identity store thereby allowing Identities to stay within the confinement of the existing location (on-premise or cloud). The solution can be deployed in enterprise DMZ or in the cloud.

Supports Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), Office 365, Microsoft AD, Red Hat Open LDAP Management Tool, and Centos Open LDAP Management Tool.

  • Empower your end-users to securely reset their own passwords and unlock accounts
  • Track all password activity to support full auditing and reporting
  • Maintain stronger password policies
  • Lower your Help Desk workload and reduce operating expenses
  • Two-factor authentication system
  • Self signup of users
  • Supports Microsoft AD, Red Hat Open LDAP Management, and Centos Open LDAP Management
  • Easy integration to web application
Active Directory Tools
GPO Manager

The easiest, most efficient way to manage your organization’s Active Directory Group Policies

GPO Manager provides a much easier, more efficient, and more secure way to manage Group Policies, includes workflow to manage Create, Modify and Delete GPO requests, backup/restore, migration, versioning, compare and much more.

Group Policy Objects (GPOs) are constructs that are stored within Active Directory that allow IT Administrators to control a wide variety of security settings and access permissions. Active Directory Group Policy Management allows users administrators to implement specific configurations for users and computers. Group Policy settings are contained in Group Policy objects (GPOs), which are linked to the following Active Directory service containers: sites, domains, or organizational units (OUs).

The Group Policy Objects (GPOs) are at the forefront of an organization’s ability to roll out and control functional security. Core aspects of user life cycle such as password policies, logon hours, software distribution, and other critical security settings are handled through GPOs. It is paramount for Organizations to have proper methods to control the settings of these GPOs and to deploy GPOs in a meaningful and safe manner with confidence, easily backup and restore GPOs when they are either incorrectly updated or corrupt.

GPO Manager

CionSystems Active Directory Group Policy Management (GPO Manager) offers a mechanism to control this highly important component of Active Directory tools. GPOs, Scope of Management links, and WMI filters are backed up in a secure, distributed manner and then placed under version control. It is part of CionSystems Active Directory tools.

Microsoft Office 365 and Azure AD Management

Data migration and archiving solution to Manage your cloud office365 and AD Azure objects with an on-premises directory

CionSystems Office365/Azure enterprise self-service and cloud identity management simplify and speed up onboarding, migration, compliance reporting, and management for cloud and hybrid environments. It is a bundle of 2 products DirSync O365 and enterprise self-service.

Azure Active Directory Services – Cloud Identity Management Tool (Management of AD Azure and Ofice 365 Objects) is a cloud-based Identity and Access Management (IAM) Solution, It is a centralized on-premise enterprise to Microsoft Office 365, Azure AD cloud identity integration, access management solution. It automates user provisioning, de-provisioning, collects auditing data for compliance. Active Directory tools enable migration to the Microsoft cloud in stages via all or a subset of user/group migration from the on-premise directory(Active Directory, OpenLDAP) to the Microsoft cloud. Leverage powerful secure self-service option for password resets, account unlocks for both premise Office 365, Azure Active Directory Services. Keep the passwords in sync between the on-premise domain to Office 365 and Azure AD cloud.

  • Automate the Microsoft Office 365,  Azure AD user provisioning/de-provisioning
  • Ties into the on-premise directory. Any on-premise changes are automatically synchronized
  • Bi-directional and it will sync up on a regular schedule or on-demand in order to capture any changes either on the active directory or in the cloud
  • March to the cloud via phased approach deployment/migration
  • Provides compliance reports
  • Tracks all changes
  • Provides a history of all modifications
  • Either on the local network or done in the cloud via the tool
  • Supports email migration for on-premise exchange, hosted exchange, POP3 & IMAP CionSystems centralized management for common action from the on-premise tool (no need to login to the portal for common day to day to functions)
  • Functions performed from this application are tracked as audit log
  • CionSystems Active Directory tools provide administrator Password reset, email management, reporting.
Azure AD Management

CionSystems Active Directory tools also include other Active Directory Management offerings.

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